Salem Limo Service

All limousine reserv​ations include complimentary bottled water and soft drinks along with lots of ice.  All limos are non smoking.  20% driver's charge and 7% fuel surcharge will be added to all reservations.  Salem Limo Service is operated by Sunshine Limo Service & Wine Tours

Please review the following information about Salem Limo Service.  If you have any questions which are not addressed here, please feel free to call us at 541-344-5466 or 541-543-4971.

​DEPOSITS:  A one third deposit is required to  guarantee your reservation.  The deposit is refundable if you cancel your limo reservation 30 days or longer prior to the date less a $25.00 processing fee.  If the limousine reservation is canceled within the 30 day period, it will be refunded  if we re book the limo or Party Bus to another customer, less our $25.00 processing fee.  Certain exceptions apply (see our info on prom limos).  Deposits may be paid by debit/credit card over the telephone, check or cash. 

PAYMENT:  Payment can be made by credit card, check or cash.  You may pay the full balance at the time of your deposit,  or if you prefer, the balance can be paid when your limo arrives to pick you up.  All limousine reservations must be paid BEFORE your trip begins.   If you choose to pay your balance when the limo arrives, your driver will accept cash only.  If you plan to pay your balance by credit card, please call the day before your reservation so we have time to process your reservation.  Certain exceptions apply (see our info on proms).

​CONFIRMATIONS:  A confirmation of your limo booking will be e-mailed  to you showing the dates reserved, times,  pickup instructions and amount due and individual details of your reservation.  Please verify the confirmation and notify us of any changes and/or corrections.  If you don't have e-mail, we'll send your confirmations by regular mail.

OVERTIME: All limo and Party Bus reservations are  initially booked by the hour.  If you have a 1 hour limo rental, the driver will allow you an extra 5 minutes (or so) time.  If you go over the 5 minutes, he will then charge you for the next ½ hour, plus gratuity.  If your reservation is 2 hours or more, the driver will allow you an extra 10 minutes or so before charging to the next ½ hour.  We will let you know whether we have another reservation right after your time and if the driver needs to end your trip exactly as scheduled.  If we have time available, you are always welcome to extend your trip for as long as is available on our schedule, and the driver will charge you for your extra time, plus gratuity and fuel surcharge.

GRATUITY: We add a 20% driver's charge when you make your reservation.  This allows us to pay our drivers very well.  If you feel your limo driver has done an exceptional job and want to offer him a gratuity, he will be happy to accept it, but it is not necessary to further tip him. 

WHAT COMES WITH THE LIMO? All of our limousines will come fully stocked with glassware, napkins, ice, soft drinks and bottled water as part of your limousine rental. 

SEAT BELTS: Seat belts are provided in all  of our limousines.    

ALCOHOL: Adults over the age of 21 are allowed to drink alcoholic beverages in the passenger areas of our limousines.  We do not allow anyone under the age of 21 to consume alcoholic beverages in our limousines.  We do not provide alcoholic beverages and you should plan to bring them with you, or our driver will be happy to stop at the store for you to purchase them.

SMOKING:  All of our limos and Party Buses are non smoking vehicles and this is strictly enforced.  Our drivers will be happy to stop whenever you want to allow passengers outside for a smoke break, but absolutely no smoking is allowed in the limousines.  If passengers smoke in the limousine or Party Bus, we will charge minimum $100.00 (for detailed cleaning) and end the limousine reservation.  Please be considerate and don’t smoke in the limousines.

START TIME/END TIME: Your limousine time begins when we arrive to pick you up, and ends when we drop you off.  There is no refund for unused time if you end a reservation early.

CHILDREN’S PARTIES/YOUNGER PASSENGERS: We do lots of children’s limo birthday parties and trips for middle and high school students.  We do not require an adult to travel with middle school and high school passengers, but they are always welcome to do so.  We recommend that an adult be in the limo if your children are younger than middle school age.  Our drivers all really enjoy working with children and young passengers and get along well with them.  If your middle/high schoolers are in our limousine or Party Bus, they will be very well taken care of.

PROMS/FORMALS: On certain prom/formal dates, our limos and Party Buses have a 5 hour (or more) minimum booking time.  The deposit for these dates is 1/3 of your total reservation  and is fully  refundable if canceled more than 30 days before your date.  If the reservation is canceled within  the 30 day period, the deposit will be refunded only if we rebook the time to another party.  All limo prom reservations must be paid in full, including gratuity, 14 days prior to your reservation.  Once we have filled our initial 5 hour minimum time slot, we will make reservations for shorter periods of time before and after the main booking if time is available.  These bookings must also be paid in full 14 days prior to the date of your reservation.

DRIVER ON THE CLOCK DURING YOUR ENTIRE RESERVATION: If you have booked the limousine for an extended reservations (2 hours or more), the limo driver is at your disposal for the entire time of your reservation.  He will provide you with his cell phone number if you are away from the limo so you may contact him at any time..  He will be happy to perform certain errands for you, or go to pick up additional passengers if you desire, whether you are in the car or not